Weed Community Resource Center Calender of Events For April


april calender


Weed Community Resource Center WCRC is the only Resource in Siskiyou County that is independently operated and not funded by the State or Federal Government. WCRC provides direct services without using one dime of your tax dollars. “People Helping People”, is what it is all about offering a hand up not a hand out. The Weed Mercantile Mall provides over 10,000 sq feet of space Free of charge for WCRC’s Classes, Activities and Programs.

The WCRC is totally volunteer driven and operated. It is the largest and most innovative resource center in Siskiyou County. WCRC provides a Free Lunch Program, Free Lending Library with videos, puzzles & games, Free Clothing Vouchers, Free Crocheting, Knitting & Sewing Classes, Free Scrapbooking Classes, Free Grant writing Classes, as well as Parenting Classes, Mom and Me Arts and Crafts, Free Community Thanksgiving Community Dinner, Fruit and Vegetable Exchange, Free Seed Packets for Home Gardeners, Free Computer Classes, Free access to our Computer Technology Center and WiFi. WCRC provides a place where people can gather to share problems, ideas and solutions. WCRC is also the only resource center to offer a seven week Summer Day Camp Program.

WCRC was organized by the citizens of Weed in 2004 and has been operating since then. In 2009 the Weed Revitalization Coalition WRC became the Board when the Siskiyou Community Center Board disbanded. Since that time this center has grown and becoming self sustaining. WCRC lost funding in August 2012 due to nothing but politics. WCRC has never stopped providing the community with the direct services that are needed. WCRC has never received any negative comments in writing from either Siskiyou First or the Siskiyou Community Services Council.

The Weed Revitalization Coalitions has many accomplishments including assisting with the development of Centennial Plaza and Celebration, Centennial Cookbook ,(featuring over 100 recipes from Weed residents), Video Production – “One Hundred Years of the History of Weed”,, Weed Centennial Afghan, Weed’s Wildflowers Festivals, and assorted murals, sculptures, wood carvings. Welcome to Weed Signs, lit Christmas decorations on Main Street and City Hall, the fund raising and development of the Weed Skate Park, the first Skateboard Competition in Siskiyou County, refurbing of the Weed Elementary Schools Community Garden, the development of Cougar Park with over 200 varieties of plants, and the lit Volunteer Appreciation Christmas Tree at Cougar Park are a few more accomplishments
WRC also was also responsible for the Production of the video “From the Quarters to Lincoln Heights”, a documentary of the Black History of Weed.

WRC was also instrumental in helping to form the Image Committee and worked on the development of the original streetscape design. WRC has always believed that volunteers can make the difference. “Working Together Works”
The Image Committee was later renamed Weed Pride.

Last Summer WRC/WCRC Farmers Market was started and has proven to be successful in creating visitor traffic to Downtown Weed. WRC/WCRC believes in building healthy families one member at a time while building a healthy community one family at a time